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Hi there wonderful Right-Brain Business Plan facilitator!

It’s been a year since the initial launch of the licensing program and you guys have amazed me with how you’ve been helping right-brain entrepreneurs around the world realize their creative gifts and grow their businesses.

As a huge thank you to you and to the new licensees joining the right-brain revolution, I have something special to offer you…

Raise YOUR hand if you want to fill your RBBP workshops
with more wonderful participants who become your favorite ongoing clients

Whether you’ve filled your workshops with ease, you’ve struggled to get going, or you started with a bang but fizzled out, I know that you’re passionate about this work (you’ve told me how much you love it!) and I want you to be successful.

That’s why I’ve decided to offer this super-special facilitator session as my gift to you.

Current and new licensees get to join me on Saturday, November 10th in-person at the gorgeous and inspiring Teahouse Studio in Berkeley, CA (it’s like walking into a creative dreamland with a dash of Anthropologie and heavy dose of Etsy cuteness) or virtually from anywhere in the world via the live simulcast. (Please note: if you are coming up for renewal, you’ll need to renew to participate in this special offer).

This special facilitator intensive will be your lab and playground to:

Flex (and strengthen) your facilitator muscles – we could always use an extra boost here to be at our best for our clients

Map out your 2013 calendar of RBBP workshops and coaching

Create your getting the word out plan to help you get butts in seats

Mastermind your business including how the RBBP program fits in with your other moola making methods (and if you need more moola-making methods, Sunday’s public workshop can help!)

Get access to me in a rare all-day session (you know I’m a big introvert, so these type of live, in-person events are few and far between)

Connect more deeply with your fellow facilitators and get the support and encouragement you need – you know we’ve got an amazing bunch of creative leaders that you can learn from

And more!

All at no-cost to you with your current Right-Brain Business Plan® license!

A safe environment to dive deeply into your facilitator questions and mastermind your business

You’ll also get to participate in my new Right-Brain Product Development Playground on Sunday at no-cost (either in-person or simulcast), so you get to have a whole weekend dedicated to growing your business and gearing up for a kick-ass 2013! And I’ll be sure to highlight my RBBP facilitators during the open-to-the-public Sunday workshop so you can get more exposure to the community.

Wanna know what the difference between the in-person experience and the live simulcast? Here’s a fancy visual chart that breaks it all down for ya:

Your Special RBBP Facilitator Intensive includes: Virtual Simulcast In-Person Workshop
Creating your 2013 getting the word out plan for your RBBP workshops – going through this with a group will get you in action
Tips and training to enhance your facilitation skills – this will bring your Facilitator Guide to life in a new, more potent way
Mastermind time focused on maximizing your license and growing your other moola making methods
Access to simulcast recording and chat logs for 2 weeks after the workshop
Practice your group facilitation and receive valuable guidance from Jenn to increase your confidence, effectiveness, and skills.

There’s nothing like getting real-time, face-to-face feedback to accelerate your growth – and this is the only place to get it!

Exclusive 1:1 coaching/mentoring spots with Jenn during the workshop
Uninterrupted time in a bright and beautiful studio where you’ll experience first-hand how Jenn holds space and creates a container for learning and transformation.
Your very own colorful wall calendar and other creative accouterments to help you plan out your year during the workshop – yes this is the same one on my wall and you know you’ve wanted one!
Light snacks and beverages to keep your creative juices flowing (lunch is on your own, but there are places nearby and a fridge at the studio)
You’ll be able to activate your VIP pass when you purchase or renew you RBBP license by October 31st $97

If you have any questions please contact us at info @ artizencoaching.com.

If you’re considering coming in from out of town, there are several affordable places to stay near Teahouse Studio. BTW, my assistant Stefanie is one of the Teahouse co-founders so if you need any special info on how to get here, she is the perfect gal to help you out! Or hey, get resourceful… maybe there’s a local creative cohort or facilitator you can stay with. Since the weekend sessions are free, please don’t let travel costs keep you away from this rare in-person event.

Have a blast with me and your fellow facilitators while you build your business.
Won't you join me? Hey, why not? It's free for YOU my fabulous RBBP facilitator!

If we haven’t had the pleasure to meet in person yet, I look forward to giving you a big hug!

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