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The following 22 fabulous right-brain entrepreneurs are featured in my book The Right-Brain Business Plan: A Creative, Visual Map for Success.

Their gorgeous and colorful Right-Brain Business Plans examples and inspiring stories are sure to inspire you.

I’m grateful for their contributions!

Tracey Asai
Tracey Asai Designs

Rebecca Badger
Rebecca Badger Marketing

Julie Benjamin
Little Lane Studios

Lauren Brownstein
Pitch Consulting, LLC

Michelle Casey
Collage Your World

Violette Clark
Violette’s Creative Juice

Elaine Coombs
Elaine Coombs Fine Art

Micheline Courtemanche
Betty and Bing Letterpress

Amy A. Crawley
Moonroom Crafts
Amy A Crawley Fine Art

Tori Deaux
The Circus Serene

Tanya Demello
My Little Life

Beth DeZiel
Professional organizer and concierge

Amy Egenberger
Spirit Out!, Inc.

Kristina Ender
EndWell Coaching

Danielle David Grinnen
Deliante Designs, LLC

Mary Daniel Hobson

Nicole Mason
Floral designer

Ana Ottman
Red Dress Studios

Bevla Reeves
Hair Conspiracy

Pascale Rousseau
Productions de la tortue qui danse

Earleen Stanwaity
Ethereal Enterprises, LLC

Rena Tucker
USA Mercantile Corp

Featured in:
The Right-Brain Business Plan®

The Right-Brain Business Plan®