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Guest post by Cass Mullane, Creative Innovator, Right-Brain Business Plan® Licensed Facilitator, Prosper Creatively, LLC

Several weeks ago I had a total knee replacement. It’s healing beautifully and I plan to have the other knee done before the end of the year. Thanks to innovations in knee parts over the years, I’ll practically be bionic!

While I knew I’d be out of commission for a while after surgery, I did not plan on being so tired. My sleep habits have changed and I’ve been working only about half a day, then it’s home to do rehab, ice and sleep. I know I will improve as the weeks go by and I will be able to return to the pace I’m accustomed to before the surgery.

But now I’m wondering if I really need to return to that pace.

I’ve been a business coach since 2004 and I love helping clients see the difference that consistent small shifts can make. Plus, I’m an artist and, of course, I love exploring my creative side. I run my business out of a beautiful studio and I’m surrounded by creative supplies, creative people and inspiration every day.

As part of my practice, I make a point of marrying business and creativity in sessions with clients. After all, creativity is essential to innovation. And without innovation, a business can go flat. I also help clients pay close attention to the innovative hits and respond to them. We all receive the hits, it’s what we do next that matters.

I listened to my body and now it’s time for new knees. So why not listen to my soul and these internal cues for change and make a few shifts in my business.

I have a fresh goal to balance the amount of time I spend working with clients and the amount of time I spend working on my art. In order to do this, I’m reducing the number of clients I work with and increasing the number of retreats I do each year. I’ll make the retreats a luscious mix of business and creativity held in interesting locales (like Barcelona). An added bonus: I’ll be able to enjoy the retreats even more with my new bionic knees!

My business was fun before, now it promises to be over the top fun. I’ll spend my time doing the things that only I can do and delegating most of the rest of the work to others so they can do what they love. Just making this change has made me feel lighter, refreshed and inspired.

What are you doing to keep your business fresh?

What are you doing to keep yourself fresh?

Are you listening to your body and to your soul and responding to those needs?

Paying attention to the signals that a transition is needed, and doing something about it, often leads to bigger changes than you originally imagined.

Making simple shifts, whether by setting a fresh goal or intentionally shaking up your priorities, can result in a more pleasant balance for you a business person and a human being. Of course, you also have to do the normal work of making your plan, executing it and adjusting it as time passes. But when you do, you will feel that fresh excitement that you felt when you first started your business.

Like many great innovators, Cass Mullane has the unique combination of being a strong creative as well as a strategic thinking MBA. After departing the corporate world in 2004, Cass built a thriving business and personal coaching practice that focuses on accountability and specializes in solid business skills for right brainers and creatives. Tapping into this whole brain approach has helped to make Cass a highly valued coach with an international clientele.

Cass’ new #1 International Bestseller, ­The Cool Stuff Jar: Three Simple Ways to Live a Happier Life, is now out on Kindle! Keep tabs on the book launch and all the fun following the launch by visiting www.CoolStuffJar.com and entering your email. You can also follow Cass on Facebook!

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