RBBP Licensing Program Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I become a Right-Brain Business Plan® licensed facilitator?

A: Purchase the facilitator guide and license and complete the accompanying facilitator training. Highly recommended: We believe that you can only take your clients as far as you’ve gone, so to familiarize yourself with the program and to make your own Right-Brain Business Plan® you’re encouraged to first take Jennifer’s Right-Brain Business Plan® workshop or e-Course. A special licensee discount will be provided for your participation in the workshop or e-Course. We also recommend that you have at least some training or experience in coaching and/or group facilitation in order to successfully lead this program.

Grow your business by creating and using your own Right-Brain Business Plan®

Q: What is covered in the facilitator training? Do I need to take it if I’m already an experienced facilitator?

A: The facilitator training includes a 170-page facilitator guide, 2 hours of online facilitator instruction, ongoing support, and quarterly facilitator group calls. You'll learn how to lead various formats of the workshop, tips for teaching the material and leading a group through this content, and marketing approaches. Yes, even if you’re already an experienced facilitator we request that you still take the training. We want you to be familiar with the ins and outs of running this particular program.


Q: Are there certain dates that the facilitator training is held?

A: You can access the webinar training recording at any time that is convenient to you. There are two group calls scheduled each year and they will be held live (typically the second Wednesday in February and August at noon Pacific), but you can always listen to the recordings later.


Use your license to lead in-person workshops

Q: Can I use this license to run Right-Brain Business Plan® e-Courses, webinars, or telecourses?

A: No, at this time the license is only for in-person workshops and work with 1:1 clients. We are exploring the option of including rights to lead e-Courses, webinars, or telecourses as a future upgrade option to the licensing program.

If you would like to be notified of any of the latest developments regarding an online rights version of the Right-Brain Business Plan® licensing program, please sign-up here.


Q: Will licensees be assigned to regional territories and, if so, will there be a limit to the number of facilitators per territory?

A: No, licensees will not be limited to their geographic territory and no, there will not be a limit to the number of facilitators per territory.


Q: Can I tailor the material and program?

A: To maintain the integrity of the materials and quality of the brand and program, you cannot modify more than 10% of the delivery of the original structure or content. Modifications in the course delivery must be consistent with the style, nature, and, quality of the original program. Please note: You are not permitted to recreate the Right-Brain Business Plan® hand outs, slides, or other participant materials or to brand your material with the Right-Brain Business Plan® name or registered trademark. Doing so will be a violation of the licensing agreement and your contract will be terminated. If you are unsure about your particular situation, please contact info @ artizencoaching.com with your questions. If you want to customize the material to meet a certain audience, please contact us at info @ artizencoaching.com about creating a private-label option, which starts at $3,000 -- we'll send you a questionnaire to help assess the potential project and we'll look to you to make us a proposal based on your needs.


Learn from being a community of other leaders

Q: How much can I charge for delivering the workshop?

A: We believe in letting each facilitator decide what the right price points are for them and their audience so we do not dictate how much you must charge for the program. Here are some general suggestions on pricing to help you get a sense of potential earnings: One-day workshops can range from $150-200, Two-day workshops can range from $325-450, Multi-day can range from $450-695, and Multi-week can range from $695-1200. Again, these are just suggestions. You know your audience and business landscape best.


Q: Will I be promoted on the Right-Brain Business Plan® website?

A: Yes, licensed facilitators will get a listing in our facilitator directory. We will also feature you in one of our Artizen Coaching newsletters which reaches thousands of subscribers. So we'll be helping you get the word out, too!


Q: How can I get copies of The Right-Brain Business Plan book to use as the required textbook for the workshop?

A: Per the licensing agreement, each workshop participant or client must have a copy of The Right-Brain Business Plan book. You can have participants purchase a copy of the book on their own. If you are an Artizen Coaching affiliate, you can send participants your affiliate link and earn 20% on book purchases from our site. Or you can provide the books to them and include the price of the book in your workshop fee. Books are available at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Borders, through our publisher New World Library, or you can order them at a discount directly from Artizen Coaching (information will be provided along with your license).


Q: Am I required to use the Right-Brain Business Plan® Kit in my workshops or work with individual clients?

A: While, you are not required to use the kit, we highly recommend it for ease of use and a professional experience for your participants. You can provide your own art supplies so participants can make their Right-Brain Business Plan® using whatever creative medium they’d like. If you do want the convenience of having the supplies provided in the kit, you can purchase the kits at a special licensee discount. You can find out more details about the kit here. You can also just purchase the stickers and illustrated cards together (not in a kit) for a lower price than the kit. Information will be provided in your license. Please note: You are not permitted to recreate the Right-Brain Business Plan® Kit content (or other participant materials) or to brand your material with the Right-Brain Business Plan® name or registered trademark. Doing so will be a violation of the licensing agreement and your contract will be terminated.


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Q: Am I considered a “certified” Right-Brain Business Plan® facilitator?

A: No. A certification program usually includes a much more intensive training and supervision process and ends with some type of qualifying exam, so this is not to a certification program. A licensing program, on the other hand, grants you rights to use the materials per the licensing agreement. Upon purchasing the facilitator license and completing the accompanying training, you are welcome to call yourself a “licensed Right-Brain Business Plan® facilitator.”


Q: Can I translate the materials into another language?

A: No. This license does not allow the materials to be translated into another language. If you are interested in talking to us about additional rights to translate the workshop materials into another language, please contact info @ artizencoaching.com.


Q: What's the difference between the licensing program and the affiliate program?

A: The licensing program allows you to purchase rights to use the copyright protected and trademarked Right-Brain Business Plan® materials for in-person workshops and work with 1:1 clients. The affiliate program lets you earn a 20% commission of sales of certain Artizen Coaching products (including the Right-Brain Business Plan® home study) from your affiliate links. They are separate programs so if you're interested in both, make sure you sign-up for both.


Q: What is okay for me to use or not use in my work?

A: Please refer to our Intellectual Property guidelines for guidance on what is okay and not okay usage.


Q: Who can I contact if I have more questions?

A: Please send your questions about licensing to info @ artizencoaching.com and someone from my team will be in touch as soon as possible. Thanks for your interest!

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