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“The Right-Brain Business Plan is brilliant. It’s the perfect solution for any creative-minded business owner who wants to plot a plan for success. If you hate spreadsheets, feel overwhelmed when you think about sales reports, or don’t really know what a Profit and Loss report is, try approaching your business plan from the right-brain perspective.”

— Cami Walker, Author of 29 Gifts: How One Month of Giving Can Change Your Life

“I tell ya, it makes a HUGE difference to fall in love with your business plan if you want to stay motivated and excited. And using your method has helped me fall in love! I highly recommend to everyone to stay in touch with your program and taking the suggested steps. Thank you for your genius Jennifer!”

— Bevla Reeves, Founder of HairConspiracy.com

“The Right-Brain Business Plan really worked the way I work – out of the box! – it took the chore out of making my business vision real and gave me the skills to take my vision into the world with more clarity, depth, confidence and excitement! The whole process kept me engaged, challenged and motivated (which is no easy feat!). Who knew creating a business plan could be so fun and simple! Most importantly, Ms. Lee understands the way my creative/non-traditional brain works and really set me up to succeed. It felt like she created the Right-Brain Business Plan just for me!”

— Grif Sadow, CPCC, ACC Personal and Professional Life and Leadership Coach, Grow Into More Coaching

“Your cheerful, optimistic and generous attitude really lifted my spirits and got me going into action mode. I felt I gained so much practical information as well as inspiration from the course.  Having a visual reminder of my goals is really helping to keep me focused on achieving my goals for the year!”

— Michelle Casey, Professional Artist

“I participated in Jennifer’s Right-Brain Business Plan workshop. The workshop presented a fabulous tool for accessing the non-linear wisdom and creativity that only your right brain has, and using this brilliance to fuel your entrepreneurial aspirations. If your business needs some creative fire, check it out!”

Laura Parker, MFT, Creativity-Centered Therapy and Coaching

“I was really inspired by the simple and brilliant handout you created for your talk. Using commonly available materials, you thought outside the lines and created something remarkable. One of the signs of remarkable-ness is that people are not only inspired but also moved to talk about whatever it is. I have shown and expressed my enthusiasm about this little booklet to AT LEAST 6-7 different people in the course of the day and the week that’s followed. I am sure that I will try to emulate this creativity in my work in the future, as will others. So, kudos, and thank you!”

Halelly Azulay, President, TalentGrow (participant at D.C. Creativity in Business Conference Right-Brain Business Plan breakout session)

“I wanted to tell you what a big fan I am of your work. I bought your Right-Brain Business Plan and watched an interview with you. By the time I had finished the first steps of my business plan, I had gotten myself into such an amazing creative head space, that I manifested a 2-week dream job for myself and also a free plane ticket to Africa. You are so talented at creating that atmosphere and mind space.”

— Carey Ann Strelecki, Founder of Global Brainstorm: A Film, Television & Multimedia Learning Company, globalbrainstorm.com and manifestyourbook.com


“Simply put, this is a tool that helps you articulate and clarify your long-term vision as a creative person and then express it visually in a tactile way.”

The Arts & Healing Network newsletter, Spring 2009

“Fun, quirky and playful, the plan is fully downloadable and comes with a guided visualization to help you envision the future you want for your business.”

— Marcy Nelson-Garrison, Coaching Toys Founder review in Choice Magazine, September 2008

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The Right-Brain Business Plan®

The Right-Brain Business Plan®