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Are you tired of being trapped in the limiting money-for-time box? There is a better way…

Watch the encore recording below of my popular class to find out how you can help more people, in less time, and make more money.

CLICK HERE for link to Nov 6th ENCORE REPLAY + Q&A chat log

CLICK HERE for link to Oct 28th chat log

Links to play sheets: Products play sheet & Services play sheet

Multiple Moola-Making Methods

In this FREE, content-rich and engaging class you will:

  • Learn 3 main ways to make more moola – it’s simpler than it seems!
  • Get ideas for diversifying your moola-making methods and insights into what pitfalls to watch out for
  • Understand the progression from moola-for-time, to leveraged moola-making, to passive income and identify where you currently are on the map
  • Discover how you can finally charge a premium for your services or products
  • Create an action plan for increasing your moola-making

If your creative juices got sparked in this class, imagine what you could create in our 5-week e-Course!

You, too, can package your gifts and teachings into an e-Book, e-Course, audio or video series, program, summit, kit, or other creative product so you can impact more people around the world, in less time, and make more money.

I show you how in my new 5-week e-Course The Right-Brain Product Development Playground, from November 10th-December 12th.

My team of awesome coaches, our 5 guest spotlights, and I look forward to helping you get your gifts out in the world in a bigger way!

Won’t you join us?

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The Right-Brain Business Plan®

The Right-Brain Business Plan®