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Guest post by Cass Mullane, Creative Innovator, Right-Brain Business Plan® Licensed Facilitator, Prosper Creatively, LLC

You’ve been distracted.

Perhaps you’ve had a situation that resulted in elevated stress which resulted in a lack of focus on your business which resulted in some serious procrastination which resulted in more on your to-do list than ever! Can you guess what continuing this cycle is likely to trigger? Yep, more stress, more lack of focus, more procrastination, more on the to-do list… and on and on and on.

It’s not that you’re lazy or incompetent or incapable. It’s more likely that you made a series of choices that ended up not necessarily being optimal and this is the consequence. Rather than continue (or give up), it’s time to break the cycle.

So how do you break the cycle?

First off, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone, this happens to all of us at some time or another. Do not waste any of your precious time or energy dwelling on what has already happened. It’s over, you cannot change it. Instead, focus on what you’re going to do to step into a better mindset.

In order to improve your mindset, and thereby improve your ability to make better choices, you’ll need to move a little distance away from the emotions wrapped around your current state of affairs. So, sit comfortably and breathe in and out slowly for about 20 seconds. You’ll find that your mind is clearer and your emotions are calmed. Now take a dispassionate look at the Mind Monkeys™ that were chattering away inside your head.

What were they saying that was triggering the less than optimal choices that you were making? Were you adding things to your plate without taking anything off? Were you saying yes when no would have been a better answer? Were you getting sucked into drama that you did not need to be involved with? Were there legit concerns that had to be addressed and that put a squeeze on you and your resources?

Whatever the reasons, pay attention to the chatter that went through your mind so you’ll be aware the next time you’re starting to travel down this less than optimal path. Think about what might be a better way to respond the next time you feel the stress so you can improve your mindset. Then, you can interrupt the chatter and replace it with something more productive and positive.

This improved mindset can help you break the cycle and lead you to make better choices overall. Better choices will reduce the stress that you’re feeling which will improve your focus which will result in less procrastination and a smaller to-do list… and on and on and on.

BONUS: This is a great tool to develop now, in advance of the holiday season. Putting a little distance between the triggers and your responses allows you time to make better choices. And better choices will make for a more pleasant holiday season for you and the people around you.

©2019 Cass Mullane – All rights reserved

Like many great innovators, Cass Mullane has the unique combination of being a strong creative as well as a strategic thinking MBA. After departing the corporate world in 2004, Cass built a thriving business and personal coaching practice that focuses on accountability and specializes in helping you tame your Mind Monkeys™ while enjoying healthy doses of creativity and play in your business and your life. Tapping into this whole-brain approach has helped to make Cass a highly valued coach with an international clientele.

Cass’ new #1 International Bestseller, The Cool Stuff Jar: Three Simple Ways to Live a Happier Life, is available on Kindle! You can also follow Cass on Facebook!

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