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The 9 illustrated, full-color downloadable play sheets including the Business Landscape Play Sheet, Market and Trends Play Sheet, Getting the Word Out Play Sheet, and more (PDFs). Print out the play sheets, fill them out, and add them to your Right-Brain Business Plan.

The Rid the Red, Grow the Green template and sample filled out template (Excel document)

The 15-minute guided Big Vision Visualization to get in touch with the big vision of your business (mp3)

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“Thanks for your newsletter and all the wonderful information it provides. It was from an earlier newsletter that I saw the free gift you offered and downloaded it. These printable copies of the Right Brain Business Plan have been invaluable to me and I am truly grateful for the access to them that you provided. I had been struggling to write a business plan for my website “The Pets Place” and found myself boxed in and frustrated by traditional models of business plans that I tried to follow. I became bored and avoided doing a plan. Your free downloads have enabled me to move forward. I now feel inspired and motivated again.”
— Angela, www.aingealwoman.com

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